FundsIndia Review is an online investment platform where you get everything at one place. Once you start with their account you can invest in various Mutual funds AMC’s, Stocks, Fixed Deposits from different companies, bonds and much more. FundsIndia also offers a host of beneficial value-added services like Alert SIP, Flexi SIP, trigger-based investing, and a lot more. This FundsIndia review will help my readers to understand what they can expect from this platform.

FundsIndia Review-Featured

FundsIndia provides a lot of unique services to investors like Flexible Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), Value-averaging Investment Plans (VIPs), expert advice on investing, Money Mitr, and much more that help investors get more out of their savings. Let’s start FundsIndia review in depth.

Why FundsIndia?

As they say on their website “To build wealth, of course – the smart way! This is true as the services provided by them are exceptional & will make you worry free for your portfolio. Here are 5 compelling reasons you should invest in them today!

FundsIndia Review - 5 Reason To Invest in FundsIndia Review

1. Free Account Opening

Mutual fund investment account with FundsIndia is free for lifetime. As like other financial houses, there are no account opening charges, account maintenance or transaction fees. There are no any hidden charges. FundsIndia also provides excellent advice on your investments that too at zero advisory fees.

2. Expert Advisors

One of the best thing about FundsIndia is they offer good investment advice to the investors. You get a dedicated investment advisor when you create an account with FundsIndia. These advisors help you in getting started with the new account, completing KYC documentation, selecting mutual funds based on your goals & risk appetite. If you are completely new to the mutual funds, then you can take help from advisors in selecting the best fund for you. If you already know few best funds for your goal, then you can directly start investing in it.

If you have any doubts regarding any product, they will immediately clarify to you. So according to my experience, they are one of the best financial house we have.

3. All-in-One Portfolio

Have a lot of mutual funds? Can’t check the performance of each scheme at once? then here is All in One Portfolio management solution for you. There are lots of investors who have more than 8-10 mutual funds. Keeping track of every fund is very difficult; as a result of it investors can’t properly manage their portfolios & end up in lower returns.

This is where FundsIndia comes in the picture, giving you the best platform to manage & review all funds at one place. Having everything in one place helps investors track the performance of each scheme & take necessary actions. A lot of my client’s had selected the wrong scheme initially, but they could easily switch back to another AMC fund due to this platform, which is not possible if you invest directly through mutual fund AMC.

See – Step by Step Procedure to Create Account with FundsIndia

4. Transaction Security

Transaction security is very important while performing any online transactions. FundsIndia is officially registered with SEBI, AMFI, UIDAI, BSE and CIRL. You can trust on FundsIndia in this aspect as they have security level similar to the one which Banks have for their transactions.

5. Operating Convenience

With FundsIndia, you can also invest for your family. They have provided a very great user interface to locate all features. You can add your family members to your login ID & then they can access your account from their login also. In short, you have only one login & have multiple accounts for your family. You can manage investments of your entire family, open minor accounts for your kids, make joint investments, and much more.

What are Costs involved? – FundsIndia Review

There are no costs associated with buying or selling the mutual funds from FundsIndia. So you must be thinking that there might be some hidden charges, but the best part is they do not charge a single rupee to their investors. They take the commission from the mutual fund AMC’s. Mutual fund houses pay them a commission from the management fees. I have been part of many financial fund houses but their fees are outrageous. So having invested in FundsIndia provides you the best platform at a very small value that you pay as Expense ratio to your Mutual fund AMC.

What is Difference between Investing in FundsIndia & Directly Investing in Mutual Fund AMC?

This part is very important for understanding what you get by investing in FundsIndia or Direct Investing. When you are investing through FundsIndia in mutual funds, you are investing in Regular plans of the mutual fund. Whereas, if you invest with the mutual fund AMC directly, you will be investing in Direct plans. The only difference between regular and direct plans is that you pay agent commissions under regular plans in the form of expense fees. Due to this reason Regular plans have higher expense ratio as compared to Direct Plans. But it makes sense to give that very small amount of the services & great advice’s they provide. Rest of the factors such as the performance of the scheme, investment strategy, portfolio and the fund manager remains the same.

How Do You Get Started with FundsIndia? – FundsIndia Review

Getting started with FundsIndia is very easy and can be done in few minutes only.

You just have to have your PAN And OR Aadhaar card number with you.

Step 1 – Go to FundsIndia Website here.

Step 2 – Fill your Login Details (Name, Email ID, Password & Mobile Number)

Step 3 – Enter Personal Information such as Nationality, Gender & Marital Status

Step 4 – Enter your PAN Card Number & Date of Birth.

Step 5 –

a) If you are KYC compliance, go to Step 6.

b) No KYC compliance, then you will be asked to enter your Aadhaar number for linking it to your eKYC.

Step 6 – Enter Nominee Details (you can skip this step, but I would advise you to do this because in later stage you be asked to submit it to the FundsIndia office)

Done!…. You are good to go with your mutual funds immediately.

FundsIndia Review – Should you open an account with them

If you are an investor who wants to invest primarily in mutual funds, don’t have time to review & manage on yourself, can’t put efforts in studying the funds and do not understand how to balance your portfolio, opening an account with FundsIndia makes complete sense. As diversification, you invest with multiple mutual fund houses, checking various NAV and calculating the portfolio value, reviewing & maintaining the data is difficult. But managing your FundsIndia portfolio is also simple as you can see everything on one screen how your complete mutual fund portfolio is doing, get complete portfolio analysis and finally get expert advice on best & poor performing funds from your portfolio per market condition, which helps in giving you good returns over the long term.

But do remember that if you invest in mutual funds with them, you will be investing in Regular Plans & not the DIRECT plan of a mutual fund. In other terms, there you pay little extra expense fees to your mutual fund AMC as compared to Direct plan. Generally, the expense ratio of the regular fund is higher by 0.75-1% more than Direct funds. But that is the price which you should be ready to pay for availing the great services offered by them.

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  1. Vishwajeet says:

    Long back I have created login with FundsIndia, but couldn’t start investment. But now i feel like i am already late to this. Just had 1 question, how do i know the fund given by FundsIndia is best for me?
    Thanks for FundsIndia Review. Keep up the good work.

    • Venkatesh Kumar R says:

      Hello Vishwajeet,

      While starting to invest in FundsIndia, they will have some questions about your age and your goal amount and other parameters. Based on that they will suggest funds like if it is for long term, they will have some high risk and more equity portfolio and low risk high debt folio for short term.

      On the other hand, FundsIndia is a distributor so they offer Only Regular Plans (has a high expense ration). I would recommend you to get acquainted with investing and invest yourself in Direct Plans directly with AMCs or CAMSOnline or MF Utility. This will give you more returns over long term.

      • Ashu says:

        Hello Venkatesh, Appreciate your reply to above comment. I agree with you for investing in Direct plan. FundsIndia is best for those who are completely new to mutual funds but want to start investing immediately.
        Also as I have said in conclusion if you are a investor who want to invest primarily in mutual funds, don’t have time to review & manage on yourself, can’t put efforts in studying the funds and do not understand how to balance your portfolio, opening an account with FundsIndia makes complete sense. Hope this helps!

    • Ashu says:

      Hi Vishwajeet, First of all let me tell you that FundsIndia have got ‘CNBC-TV18 – UTI National Online Advisory Service Award’ 3 years in a row and also they have Advisory review board who constantly check the advice given by their Finanical adviser’s (for more read here )

      I liked your approaching of verifying the authenticity of the fund. It’s always good study yourself before you make any decision on some others advice. I would advice you to learn what parameters determine the fund performance. You can learn those things here

      As you said, you are already late to investments i would advice you to start NOW without any other thought. If you know any best fund you can invest directly into thier plan through DIRECT plan. But considering you are new & it will take some time for you to understand how everything works i would advice you to start with FundsIndia. You always have choice to switch to any other scheme after you learn what scheme is right for you. Hope this helps.

      • Vishwajeet says:

        Thanks for the detailed answer.

        I know few good funds, I have seen them here & they are also on fundsindia site…Just logged into fundsindia once again :)…Thanks for the help & your guidance.

  2. Shreya Kulkarni says:

    Hi, I want to invest Rs. 5000 through SIP for next 2-3 years. Is FundsIndia good for me?. Also I want tax saving with good returns.

    • Ashu says:

      Hi Shreya,
      Good start but I would advice you to stay invested for longer time frame to get more returns. Generally if you stay invested for for 5-7 year, they are chances that you will double your investments.
      FundsIndia can help you in building your diversified portfolio. That means they will suggest you variety of best performing funds per your goals. As you are looking for tax saving I would advice you to go with Axis long term equity or DSP Blackrock which are top performer since last 5 years. Hope this helps.

    • Venkatesh Kumar R says:

      Hello Shreya,

      Yes, FundsIndia is a good option for you. You can select one or two of their recommended Tax Saving ELSS funds and SIP in them. Most likely they will have 5 Star funds from “Value Research Online”.

      If you like more control on your investments and want to know better, you can apply for a CAN from MF Utility and invest directly with Mutual Fund companies. You can select funds from Value Research Online website.

      Also, why 3 years? Do you have a goal to be met with this amount? Three years is risky for Tax Saving funds since they are equity related. For short period, choose less risky balanced funds or debt funds. If you can stay invested for more than 5 years, then ELSS are very good option. The longer you can stay invested, more risk you can take. You can also split your investment and invest some in high risk ELSS and some in Balanced and some in low risk debt fund.

  3. Shreya Kulkarni says:

    Thanks a lot for the quick answers…with the little knowledge I have about mutual funds, I think fundsindia will be a good option for me.

    I do have some goals to be met after 3 years, but if i am getting good returns, i can stay invested for some more time also. Got the direction.

    Thanks for the valuable advice.

  4. SenthilS says:

    One of the best and honest fundsindia review I have read. Best work.

  5. Ankur says:

    Fundsindia review was helpful to me in creating my portfolio…they suggested some good funds..and also cleared many doubts…happy with decision…thanks for your guidance.

  6. Lathur1887 says:

    This platform is good but don’t believe their advice blindly on mutual fund selection.

    They suggest funds based on some robo thing, they just split your investment in multiple types like mid cap, small cap, balanced funds etc..which you may not require per your goal.

    So I would say that you need to be careful while taking their advice. Research on your own and check that it is matching with suggestions given by fundsindia.

    I liked your fundsindia review except above mentioned factor. Thanks.

    • Ashu says:

      Hey Lathur, you are right that one should research on his own before taking advice from others. Same thing I have mentioned in my post.
      Its true that the fund selection you get from fundsindia is from robo advisor but, you always have option to select funds on your own.

  7. J Biswas says:

    Is it a good idea to invest through fundsindia considering i am completely new to mutual funds and i may not be able to understand what is good for me?

    Will my money be safe with fundsindia?

    • Ashu says:

      Hey J Biswas,
      FundsIndia is definitely safe. They can provide you valuable guidance. Till you individually learn how to invest and learn everything about mutual funds, that may take huge time, so I will advise you to start investing from now only. And subsequently, learn more about investing.
      Hope this helps!.

  8. K Vijaynathan says:

    Account creation is simple. FundsIndia can be a good choice for a new investors to get started but not good for long term or seasoned investors.

    My advice would be not to select or build portfolio from FundsIndia’s online robo advisor which I think is not best. Instead go for advice from their expert. Crosscheck them with Moneycontrol or valueresearchomline.

  9. Cotingo R says:

    Superb post.Ne’er knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.

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