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As previously said by me, FundsIndia is one of the best platforms to invest in various mutual funds company. You must have gone through my detailed review about FundsIndia and why should you choose this as your portfolio manager. In this post will see how to create FundsIndia login & get started with your first investment.

The procedure is very simple and requires only 5-7 minutes to get started.

If you already have an account you can login from here also.


And if you are new to FundsIndia, here is the detailed procedure to create FundsIndia login.

Steps to Create New FundsIndia Login Account

Step 1 – Go to FundsIndia website. You will notice below screenshot as their homepage.

FundsIndia Login - Review

In this step, you need to provide your Name, Email ID, New Password (which you will need to login) and Mobile Number.

Make sure you have entered the correct mobile number, as FundsIndia representative or advisor will call you on this number to help you out throughout the investing procedure.

Please make sure to write correct email ID , as you will get all the update related to your portfolio & regarding new schemes and features of various schemes.

As you can see on the main screen, they have given top performing funds from all categories here. This list is well chosen by mutual fund experts. You can also notice that they have given returns of each fund for last 3 and 5 years, which helps investors to gain some insight here. You can refer my post onHow to Choose the Best Mutual Fund to learn what factors you should look while choosing the fund.

Now click on Invest Now button. You have just created your login here. Let’s see few next steps which would create your profile as an investor in FundsIndia.


Step 2 – This section covers Personal Information.

Choose “You are a” as “Resident Indian”

FundsIndia login

Choose your Gender and Marital Status by clicking on proper icon

Click on Continue button (shown as Blue color)


Step 3 – Here enter your PAN card number and date of birth

FundsIndia login Mutual Funds

When you enter your PAN number, systems checks whether you are KYC compliant or not.

If you are KYC compliant go to step 4.

If you are not then still you can do your e-KYC by linking your Aadhaar card number as shown in below image.

FundsIndia login

Enter your Aadhaar card number. Click on Checkbox of DISCLOSURES” which basically says that you will not be able to make transactions of more than 50,000 with Aadhaar e-KYC.

Click on Continue button (shown as Blue color)


Step 4 – Personal Information

Enter your father’s Name

FundsIndia login

Enter your occupation.

Click on Continue button (shown as Blue color)


Step 5 – Nominee Details

Here you can add Nominee Details for your account and for all your mutual funds in the portfolio. This is just a one-time process.

FundsIndia login

You can even skip this step by clicking Checkbox on “I’ll add the nominee details later.

But remember that if you skip this step now then you will to download nominee form from site, fill it and then send the form physically to FundsIndia office, which you may  not want to do (when you can do it without much of efforts, on convenience of your fingertips)

Add Nominee Name, Date of birth and your Relationships with the Nominee.

Click on Continue button.

Done! You just created your FundsIndia login & set up your investor profile with FundsIndia. All these are online activities, there are few more steps you have to follow in order to start investing.

You need to send your ECS mandate to FundsIndia with your signature and you might also want to send your documents for PAN-based KYC. Now here comes the Servicing part of the Fundsindia, representative from FundsIndia can come to your doorstep on your request. You do not need t print your application forms, KYC forms etc. They will come with everything. You just need to sign ECS mandate & give them canceled check for your first investment.

What have you done to create FundsIndia login? Just spent 5-7 minutes online & 5 minutes from your place when giving ECS mandate. That’s it!

This whole procedure gets completed within 1-2 days. Meanwhile, you will get a call from FundsIndia experts for helping you out with their advice. They would suggest you best mutual funds for your Goals. I have seen most of the funds they refer are best and you can also confirm them from various Financial sites.

How to Invest in mutual Funds through SIP from FundsIndia Login

When you log-in in your account, you will have this screen which lets you select mutual funds per your need. If you can not select funds on your own, they can pick the best fund for your needs such as Sip or tax saving.

FundsIndia login

If you do not know which are best funds, then you can get recommendations from Money Mitr (a robo advisor). You need to choose any option from below list

  1. Set Up Monthly Investments (SIPs)
  2. Invest A Surplus Amount Now
  3. Invest to Save On Your Taxes


In addition, you have the fourth option if you already know some best performing funds , then choose “Want to choose funds on your own? Click here” button.

Now let’s assume that you don’t know how to choose the mutual funds and you want to start a SIP. Therefore let’s go ahead with the first option as “Set up monthly Investment (SIPs) option.

Furthermore, when you click on SIP, you will get below screen, which shows you various goals for which you need to start a SIP.

FundsIndia login

Select the correct option as Mutual fund selection depends on your goals.

  1. Building Wealth
  2. Children’s Education
  3. Retirement
  4. Children’s Wedding

Choose option per whatever your goal is. Let’s assume your goal is to Build Wealth. Choose this option for now and you will be taken to SIP design mode as shown below.

FundsIndia login

Design Your SIP
– Here you will get 4 different questions to understand your risk appetite better. In addition, you will also be asked to enter your investment amount. FundsIndia will now create your portfolio per your answers and for the amount you have given. As you can see in below picture, I have started with Rs. 5000, FundsIndia has suggested me different funds according to my goals.

FundsIndia login

If you wish to change the schemes you can click on “Suggest a different fund” or click on Continue.

Confirmation – Provide the information as needed by latest KYC norms.

FundsIndia login

Giving Bank Details
– This is the final step in starting your SIP. You have 2 options here, first is “Instant e-verification” and the second is “Submit bank information”. Choose any one per your convenience and you are done with the final step.

FundsIndia login

You have successfully started your first SIP with FundsIndia Login.

Hope these steps will help you in creating your account. Let me know if your comments.

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Disclaimer – All images are taken as a screenshot from my computer and website.

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  1. Suneel says:

    This step by step procedure helped me in creating my account very easily…thanks…

    When I was building my portfolio in SIP, FundsIndia was suggesting me some balanced funds, but I dont want them as they have lower returns than other funds. How to deal with this? Or should I go with whatever portfolio suggested by them.

  2. Brijesh Manohar says:

    Hello sir, very well written guide to create login to fundsIndia. Thanks a lot.

    I am already done with kyc. Can I invest in fundsIndia immediately.

    • Ashu says:

      Hi Brijesh,
      You need not to do kyc again. You can start investing once account opening procedure is done. Usually 2-3 days.

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