About Me

What is The Investment Mania All About?

It’s about helping you become a better investor, entrepreneur & person.

I look at investing as anything you set aside money for, with the hope of having more of it at the end. It’s much more related to financial freedom and personal finance. I not only talk about investing money, but also talk about overall improvement in one’s life. I write about improving social & professional life, I talk about spending money on things I appreciate.

I love talking about how to control your investments to make more money! This includes alternative investments not often discussed in the financial media. As you can see, I’m no different than you. I was looking to learn more about finance from unbiased sources outside of the financial industry. Since from my school days I’ve taken an active interest in matters of business matters and investing. I am the finance adviser for my colleagues. I am the go-to-guy for people with financial questions at my work.

The passion for finance, willingness to share my learning’s in my professional life, an urge to have a name in public and a wish to become a successful entrepreneur, are the main driving forces towards starting this blog.

I hope you’ll not only learn from me, but I will also learn from my readers. I learn new things with each post that I publish & I don’t claim to be an expert in every topic discussed in this blog, rather, it’s for my own learning as well that I write.

Get in touch with me any time on my below email address or alternatively you can contact me through our “Contact Us” page.
Email ID – Ashu@TheInvestmentMania.com